Beat Legend: AVICII APK Current Version 1.0

Download Beat Legend: AVICII APK Current Version 1.0

Fly through vocal melodies, sweep through each fade, and attack each beat in 15 of Avicii’s greatest hits, in this gripping futuristic experience of rhythm and action. From the developers of the acclaimed AVICII Invector, Beat Legend: AVICII ™ brings the frenetic experience of rhythmic action to mobile devices and features mega hits such as Without You, Wake Me Up and Levels. Buckle up and explode in the rhythmic regions of uncharted space in Beat Legend: AVICII ™!

Music rights to the game go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, in collaboration with the estate of the late superstar DJ. The charitable organization founded by the parents of Tim Bergling (aka Avicii) in 2019, has a mission to advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Key features

Avicii Smash Hits – Journey through 15 of the acclaimed world-famous DJ and songwriter’s biggest hits: Hey Brother, Levels, Wake Me Up, SOS, The Nights, Without You, Waiting for love, Sunset Jesus, Lonely Together, Heaven , Fades, broken arrows, addicted to you, I could be the only one, and I will love you.

Warp Speed ​​Gameplay – Tap, slide, and pilot your spaceship to the beat to stack multipliers and achieve high scores. Improve your style and achieve a perfect grade on all tracks!

Mind-blowing Graphics – Sleek, futuristic presentation and mind-blowing psychedelic visuals enhance your adventures through the music of Avicii.


Beat Legend: AVICII is a resource intensive game that features high quality 3D graphics and may face performance issues on some older devices or devices with less than 2GB of RAM. To improve in-game performance, tap the “Graphics” button in the Main Menu Options to turn off the backgrounds and adjust the FPS and graphics quality.

Download Beat Legend: AVICII APK Current Version 1.0

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