BeadStudio – Crafting fuse bead designs APK Current Version 10.5

BeadStudio – Crafting fuse bead designs APK Current Version 10.5

Download BeadStudio – Crafting fuse bead designs APK Current Version 10.5 Who doesn’t love fun and the creative pastime of making mecha or melty bead designs and art? From children to adults, from young children to professional artists.

BeadStudio allows you to create creative and beautiful designs and patterns before transferring them to real boards that make them permanent when ironing fuse beads.

Explore new ideas and designs in the comfort of your sofa, the back seat of the car or on the bus, which is not easy to do with real beads.

Many different people are already using BeadStudio, from kids to artists, using it as a tool for their own designs, photorealistic artwork or pixel art or just for recreation and meditation.

allows the user

Use the integrated photo-to-account conversion tool and transform your family, cat or landscape photos into designs using exactly the brand and colors of the beads you have available.

BeadStudio is compatible with all major fuse bead brands like Hama Beads, Perler Beads, Artkal Beads, Nabbi Beads or Pyssla Beads in freehand artwork, figures like unicorns, bunnies, dinosaurs etc. and when making photorealistic designs.

BeadStudio supports mixing different types of accounts in a single custom palette. Need that special brand A green on your brand B bead set in another perfect way? No problem just making a custom palette!

The invitation

  • Try the new entertaining, meditative and relaxing feature: Bead By Numbers which is very similar to Paint By Numbers.
  • Choose a variety of figures, shapes and animals readily available such as
  •  little bunny
  • Unicorn
  • butterfly
  • dinosaur
  •  dog
  • and many more.

Each pin is numbered, select the corresponding fuse cord from the palette and start completing the pattern.

Bead by numbers helps children improve their motor skills and encourages them to try other similar designs using the basic design as inspiration, only with different colors. Zooming makes the beads big enough for even the smallest fingers

 – BeadStudio is easy to use for children and adults alike.

Fuse beads can be used for many different designs and projects:

inspiration is all over the internet with fun and beautiful ideas like

  • christmas decorations
  •  alphabets
  • jewelry
  •  necklaces
  •  keychains
  •  fridge magnets and even oven baked bowls.
  •  All the perfect gifts for parents and grandparents.

Fuse beads has been around for a long time and will continue to be a creative and entertaining hobby for all ages, where in recent years Melty beads has become something trendy, modern and trendy where dedicated groups of adults from around the world are cultivating. . This hobby celebrates a nostalgic journey to her childhood.

Using BeadStudio is as simple as finger painting. Create a new standard rectangular board or choose from many of the ready-made templates, shapes and figures. If you later want to change the design to real beads, you should choose the bead brand you have available, such as Hama Beads, Perler Beads, Artkal Beads, Nabbi Beads or Pyssla Beads.

If you don’t have all the colors, create your own palette with the colors you have, where it is possible to mix beads from different brands. Use the different tools available to place individual pearls at once or draw / paint with the Brush tool. Making mistakes is part of it; this is where undo / redo and the eraser tool come in handy.

Generating boards from photos can make some wonderful designs, and you can control many aspects of the image before conversion, such as dithering, coloring, and lighting. Use the crop tool to select the area of ​​the photo you want to convert, just set the size of the table you want to make first (like 58×58 pearls) and then the aspect ratio of the crop area is fixed. Now you can select the area and zoom in and out as you like; It is really simple and easy to use!

BeadStudio – Crafting fuse bead designs APK Current Version 10.5

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