Download Полная Эврика! APK Current Version Varies with device

Полная Эврика! APK Current Version Varies with device

Download Полная Эврика! APK Current Version Varies with device

This is the full version of the application “Eureka!”, In which you will get a lot more interesting problems, answers to unsolved puzzles and disable ads!

The creators of the application of the select collection of logic problems to this gololomka was interesting to a wide range of users.

Type of questions:

  • – puzzles of logic, transfusion, knights and liars, weighing, and others.
  • – Problems in physics and mathematics.
  • Jobs understanding of physical laws, farce, tasks for the development of equations
  • – Difficult question

Thinking the answer can only be, if you think outside the box and beyond the cliché.

For this game almost never require special knowledge – it is only well-known facts, logic and thinking. However, the main emphasis is on meditation. Open the puzzle and it will be interesting to test practically everything: lover of the pragmatics of mathematical equations, and a humanist, looking for hidden meanings in the text.

Initially, the player has 9 open puzzles. In order to open the next block more challenging puzzle, you need to solve all 7 of 9 open. The further the user moves through the chain of puzzles, the more fascinating and complex they become.

The main difference between this intelligent game for adults, on the other that the application of logic puzzles means of deduction can answer in a free way. For example, “What weighs more,” or “In which direction is the flag flying.” Initially, for the correct answer the first time the user gets 64 points, but after each number of the wrong version of the bonus reduced by 2 times.

Annex no clue to stimulate the players did not give up, but after the correct answer to all the questions have detailed explanations of the decisions and observations.

The player, like Sherlock Holmes, in each logic puzzle game can use a special notebook for calculations, the ability to ask a friend for help, a question mark, as one of the favorites, as well as adjust the size of the fountain.

Throughout the game, the user’s path to success without the Internet await records and achievements (number of points, the resolution of tasks, etc.), global records allow you to compare the results with other users.

Download Полная Эврика! APK Current Version Varies with device

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