Download 4 Player Reactor (Multiplayer) APK Current Version 1.99

4 Player Reactor (Multiplayer) APK Current Version 1.99

Download 4 Player Reactor (Multiplayer) APK Current Version 1.99

4 Players Reactor is a fast, simple and fun reaction game for two players on the same device.

Challenge your friends (or enemies) in a battle of reflexes and intelligence. Great to play at parties, to break the ice, or to decide who will do the dishes!

During the game, one of the 28 minigames (more to come) is displayed on the screen. If you think the answer shown is correct, press your button before your opponents to earn a point. Be careful, if you press it when the answer is wrong, you subtract one point! A few seconds later, the next challenge begins and with it a new opportunity to recover points or increase the distances between you and your opponents.


No waiting. Four players playing at the same time on the same device! Frantic multiplayer action for all ages! Some minigames are based on pure reaction speed, ideal for youngsters. Others require knowledge of countries in the world or practice solving puzzles. Who will master all the challenges?


The 28 mini-games (more to come!) Span a multitude of types. For example, who can find the sad face in a group of smiley faces? Is the city shown really the capital of the country on screen? Can the mouse navigate the maze to the cheese? Has the count reached 0? React when the match-3 game is over!


With a sleek and intuitive interface, 4 Player Reactor doesn’t try to distract you with special effects or explosions. This means that it works even on the oldest Android devices! The game has been tested on all types of devices and works perfectly on tablets.


A ‘Quick Play’ mode for those who want to jump into action right away. Now, do you hate math? Do you want to play just the smiley face game? Do you want a very, very long game? All this and more can be changed from the advanced options menu! And if you want to learn a new language, the game is translated into 25 mysterious languages: German, French, Chinese, Persian, Finnish and many, many more!

Other options include three game difficulty modes. We are so convinced that you will love it that we guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied.

Download 4 Player Reactor (Multiplayer) APK Current Version 1.99

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