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Among Us

The sensation of the moment, Among Us is a video game that simulates a journey in space in which up to 10 people can participate. Innersloth is the developer team for this game for iOS, Android and PC devices.
Since its release, the game has attracted a lot of attention for its playability and theme. In addition to the possibility of do a party with 10 people in times of social distancing.

Play with everyone

The latest updates to the servers run by Innersloth have allowed it a great reach worldwide. From everywhere, Among Us players can do it from Android, iOS and PC.
But you don’t need to have internet to play. With local games, all players only need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is a very entertaining way to kill time, doing tasks or killing people.

Game Mechanics

The theme of the game consists of partys of 4 to 10 people where one of them is an impostor. The impostor has the ability to kill other players, hide in the vents and sabotage the ship.

Against the impostor, is the rest of the crew of the ship. The crew members are the ones who must discover the impostor to eject him into space, throw him into lava or eject into a vacuum. They must also carry out a series of tasks distributed among all in order to avoid sabotage and win the game.

The impostor will only win if he kills everyone. If there is only one crew member left with the impostor, the impostor wins. The impostor’s main mission is to sabotage the ship and kill everyone on the way.

Emergency meetings are held if any player presses the emergency button or reports a dead body found. In these meetings the crew discusses what happened and in the end they must vote to decide who will be ejected into space, thrown into the lava or thrown into the void.

There can be a tie and no one is ejected. The mechanics are based on the investigation of the crew and the ability to convince people of the impostor to avoid being discovered.

Download the last version

Get the latest version of Among Us on our page so you can start your journey through space with adrenaline.

As 9 versions of Among Us are released, the codes to access to the waiting rooms to play are 6 digits. While older versions use 3 digits, although the older versions are no longer supported by Innersloth servers.

Download Among Us and play with your friends or strangers. A game of intrigue, deception and murder, ideal to have a good time.

Be a helping crew member or a brutal killer

The best way to play Among Us is with strategies and alliances. As a crew member, you must take care of the tasks and avoid sabotage in order to win. The faster all crewmembers do their tasks, the better chance they have of winning.

On the other hand, the impostor must go unnoticed and know how to attack. With the system of vents that allow to move quickly between rooms it gives the element of surprise to attack a crewmember unnoticed.

The crew must walk together to discard suspects in the case of a report of a dead body found. Each time the impostor “kills” his avatar performs a unique and original murder for each player.
Among Us is a game that is giving something to talk about with all the interactions between people that are recorded daily. It’s an exciting, fun, and uniting experience these days.

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