Download Auto-rotate Control Pro APK Version 1.1.5

Auto-rotate Control Pro APK Version 1.1.5

Download Auto-rotate Control Pro APK Version 1.1.5
Our app allows you to enable or disable Android’s auto-rotate feature for individual apps.

Some apps, like YouTube, Netflix, and photo gallery apps benefit from automatic rotation, while others, like browser apps, perform better without it.

By enabling or disabling Android auto-rotate in each app, you can seamlessly switch between them and enjoy using your smartphone without constantly having to manually change settings.

This application does not force you to rotate each application vertically or horizontally.

[Common misconceptions]
≪Questions≫ Some apps do not rotate even though Android’s auto-rotate feature is enabled. Isn’t it a malfunction of this app?
≪Answer≫ This is not a malfunction. This app does not force rotation. The application does not rotate because the individual rotation settings of the application are set to be vertical.

To understand this app, you need to understand Android auto-rotate feature and Android app rotation mechanism.

Each application has its own settings for rotation.
Most applications are set to rotate portrait or landscape (auto-rotate), but some applications are set to portrait.
Few applications are configured in a fixed landscape, but the application developer can design that way.

Conditions are required for the application to rotate freely vertically and horizontally.
1. Android auto-rotate feature enabled
2. The application must be configured to automatically rotate both vertically and horizontally in individual settings

If these two conditions are met at the same time, the application will rotate both vertically and horizontally.

If Android’s auto-rotate feature is disabled, the screen orientation is fixed based on the rotation settings of each app.
If the individual rotation setting for each application is “auto rotate” or “fixed vertical”, it will display fixed vertical and will not rotate horizontally.
If the individual rotation setting for each application is “fixed horizontal”, it will display fixed horizontal and will not rotate vertical.

And this app is an app to auto enable and disable android auto-rotate feature for each app.

►Configuration by application
Android’s auto-rotate feature is enabled only when the application specified here is started.

►Automatic save
If you change Android’s auto-rotate settings from the notification area or quick panel, the settings are automatically saved for each app.

►Notification settings
You can set the display and priority of notifications.

Download Auto-rotate Control Pro APK Version 1.1.5

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