Download Baby Connect (activity log) APK Current Version 8.1.3

Baby Connect (activity log) APK Current Version 8.1.3

Download Baby Connect (activity log) APK Current Version 8.1.3

Baby Connect is the first and most complete application to monitor the evolution of your baby. You can make reports with graphs of the baby’s evolution, weekly averages, medications, vaccines and growth control. It has a stopwatch, notifications, the ability to send emails and export .csv, as well as an easy-to-use interface and unlimited data.

You can share up-to-date information instantly with your wife or husband, babysitter, babysitter and caregiver wherever you are. If you change or lose your phone, the information will not be lost; You can always connect to your account at from a browser or other phone.

Tens of thousands of parents, babysitters and nurseries use Baby Connect daily and more than 100 million events have already been saved in this application.

You can record the baby’s feeding, breastfeeding times, naps, diaper changes, important events or when the milk is expressed, but also the baby’s mood, temperature, what he plays, his location by GPS and take pictures.

You can compare the data with the previous days and weekly averages and see the result in graphs that record the evolution. You can remember when you took the last medicine or the last time you got the vaccine. You can also record your weight, height and head circumference, compare with the US or international percentiles, and show your growth progress on a graph.

With Baby Connect, you can access caregiver updates while you are away. You can also set notifications to be informed immediately after something happens and put a reminder that alerts you when to feed, change diapers, give medicines … Your baby will be much better taken care of thanks to all the detailed information that is offered from automatically to all family members and caregivers.


  • * Easy tracking of feeding (bottles, breastfeeding, solid foods), diaper changes, sleep, activities, mood, important facts
  • * Milk extraction control
  • * Record of doctor visits, medications, vaccinations, diseases, weight, height and head circumference.
  • * Automatic data synchronization between multiple accounts on the Internet
  • * Charts of your baby’s activities
  • * Growth charts with the percentiles compared.
  • * Calculation of percentiles for premature babies based on date of birth or expected due date.
  • * Stopwatch to monitor naps, activities, feeding time, mood and duration of breastfeeding. The duration of the baby’s last breastfeeding is shown as an indicator.
  • * Easy to use! One-touch entry log
  • * Simple view of past entries
  • * Emailing Excel-compliant reports, charts, and .csv files to wives, husbands, doctors, babysitters, and babysitters.
  • * Free-form note writing
  • * Upload baby photos, indication of birthday, blood group and allergies
  • * Track as many babies as you want, with as many parents and caregivers as you like
  • * Contains unlimited data
  • * Sending tickets by Twitter or Facebook
  • * More than 100 activity descriptions. Descriptions can be modified and new ones added
  • * Set notifications
  • * Sending location by GPS and location on map
  • * The application has been designed with maximum security. Everything is password protected.

Download Baby Connect (activity log) APK Current Version 8.1.3

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