Download Baby Sleep PRO 🍼 APK Current Version 2.0

Baby Sleep PRO 🍼 APK Current Version 2.0

Download Baby Sleep PRO 🍼 APK Current Version 2.0 Why is my baby crying?

Is your baby fed, has clean diapers, has no colic problems, did you play but is still crying? Your baby may be very tired, but at the same time he cannot fall asleep on his own. This is a common situation for newborns and one where Baby Sleep can help greatly.

Baby Sleep helps your baby sleep using classic low frequency monotonous sounds proven effective by generations of parents. Such sounds include the washing machine, shower, hair dryer, fans, and the like. From practical experience, such sounds are more effective as cooing than tones, music, or singing.

What is the reason for this? It is said that one of the best ways to comfort your newborn baby is to create a belly effect and mimic what they hear while there. Hair dryer, shower, fan and other sounds resemble typical noises in the belly such as blood circulating through the veins. You can even try the “In the Womb” lullaby that resembles as much as possible including the mother’s heartbeat and the sounds of her digestive system.

To start using Babt Sleep, place your phone at an audible distance from your baby, choose one of the available sounds, set a timer, and start playback.

We recommend that you do not place the phone closer to the baby than necessary and activate the airplane mode as well as silence the alerts while using this application.

Download Baby Sleep PRO 🍼 APK Current Version 2.0

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