Download Battlevoid: Harbinger APK Current Version 2.0.7

Battlevoid: Harbinger APK Current Version 2.0.7

Download Battlevoid: Harbinger APK Current Version 2.0.7

Battlevoid: Harbinger is a space exploration game that combines turn-based strategy elements with certain roguelike touches on a galactic map and real-time battles. In your adventure, you will play a young commander who has been entrusted with the mission of entering enemy territory. Therefore, you will find yourself immersed in unknown galaxies, far from home, without knowing very well what is lurking in hyperspace.

In Battlevoid: Harbinger you will have to make decisions regarding your fleet and equipment, react to unexpected situations, use space stations to gain advantage, as well as fight tooth and nail to defend the survival of humanity. Battlevoid: Harbinger focuses on strategy, tactics, and resource management. Have everything ready to attack or defend yourself. Strengthen your ships against the weapons of the enemy and test yourself. Make the enemy fall into your traps or distract him with lures so that, in the middle of the confusion, he ends up trapped in front of your flagship. In short, Battlevoid: Harbinger has been praised by both the press and the players themselves, and this has created a strong community around the game.

Main features

  • * Very intense and addictive science fiction adventure and space simulation.
  • * Explore brand new computer generated galaxies in every game.
  • * Galaxies full of mysterious places, battle ships and dangerous encounters.
  • * Complete missions, develop new technologies and contribute to the survival of humanity.
  • * Unique turret upgrade system, never seen before in any other game.
  • * Retro graphics and effects of the highest quality.

Download Battlevoid: Harbinger APK Current Version 2.0.7

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