Download bhyve Pro APK Current Version 1.7.45

bhyve Pro APK Current Version 1.7.45

Download bhyve Pro APK Current Version 1.7.45

The B-hyve Pro App provides garden irrigation professionals with an easy way to manage and operate B-hyve Pro controllers from anywhere with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. With the app’s intuitive layout and design, it is quick and easy to connect to any B-hyve Pro controller via WiFi or, if WiFi is not available, directly via Bluetooth at the timer location. Once connected to WiFi, B-hyve can be set to smart mode to help deliver the right amount of water to plants, saving customers water and money.

This is the companion app for the award-winning B-hyve Pro irrigation controllers. Owners can download the non-Pro version of the B-hyve app at no cost.


WIFI and BLUETOOTH – Because WiFi is not always available on a job site, the B-hyve app and controller allow you to configure and operate the controller via Bluetooth. Once a WiFi connection is established at a site, the owner of the WiFi router can provide a permission code that enables off-site management of the controller from anywhere in the world.

EPA and SWAT Certified – Having passed the rigorous EPA WaterSense and SWAT certifications, the B-hyve Pro Controller with Smart Watering is certified to use water more efficiently and is eligible for rebates in many cities or water districts in the whole country.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING – You can configure the controller to water in two basic ways: 1) on a fixed schedule, such as during a new period of landscape growth; 2) with Smart Watering, and let local weather conditions determine the schedule.

MULTI-SITE MANAGEMENT – You can manage and control an unlimited number of B-hyve controllers from the convenience of one application. Once the timer is connected to the Internet, the secure access can be shared in a number of different combinations using code generated by the application.

CAPTURE CUPS – With various water saving options built right into the app, there are several ways to achieve optimal water saving with the B-hyve Pro Timer. In addition to Smart Watering, it incorporates the award-winning catch-cup feature directly into the app to deliver up to 25% more water savings than other smart controllers.

ALEXA – Works with Alexa. For a list of Alexa commands, visit

Download bhyve Pro APK Current Version 1.7.45

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