Download Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics APK Current Version 1.9

Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics APK Current Version 1.9
Download Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics APK Current Version 1.9 New version of the award-winning game. Now in 3D! Includes AI enhancements, 3D background, and exclusive new features.

Carcassonne is an unconventional game that should not be missing from any game collection. – Tyler Nichols, Board Game Quest
Carcassonne = Great game, great mechanics, great pieces, great fun!

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Carcassonne has recently been reissued for Android with cool new features. It’s a hilarious game, whether you’re playing against strangers online or testing friendships in local matches. – Pocket Gamer


Discover (or rediscover) Carcassonne, the award-winning game in which players draw and place tiles to build a medieval city. Place cities, roads, abbeys and fields to enlarge your landscape and later place your followers. Knights, thieves or farmers … Each follower will help you control your territory and earn points.
But be careful, you will have to use the best possible strategy to maximize your points. Place your tiles and followers wisely to stop your rivals and win the game.


With The River and The Abbot mini-expansions, you can beautify the landscape and vary the game for new ways to play! The new buildings in the Inns and Cathedrals expansion let you double and triple your points! And with the Builders and Merchants expansion, you can earn more points from merchandise and build faster with builders. Discover the city of Carcassonne covered in a white blanket of snow in the Winter Edition. And pay attention to the Gingerbread Man, who earns you bonus points!

• A highly accessible strategy game that adapts the award-winning board game Carcassonne.
• 6 expansions:

  • – Go to the store to purchase The River, Inns and Cathedrals and Builders and Merchants, Winter Edition as well as The Princess and the Dragon expansions
  • – and unlock The Abbot for free with your Asmodee account!

• Up to 4 players! Play against the AI ​​in single player mode, take on your friends in pass and play mode, or challenge players from around the world in online mode.
• There are no longer three, but four different behaviors that you can choose from when starting a game against the AI. Each and every one of them pose a more demanding challenge than the previous ones. Those looking for a real challenge can take on the Conqueror AI, the most powerful in the game.
• Try the aerial view to refine your strategy.
• More strategic aspects compared to the physical version:

  • – A field view that allows you to see how many fields each player owns.
  • – List of remaining tiles to see which ones remain to be drawn.

Available languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Download Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics APK Current Version 1.9

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