Download Catan Classic APK Current Version 4.7.4

Catan Classic APK Current Version 4.7.4

Download Catan Classic APK Current Version 4.7.4

Catan, the famous strategy game, will make you have a good time wherever you are.

As in the original game, you can face up to 4 players to claim the most villages, the longest trade route, or the largest army. You can trade with each other and appropriate valuable land and the resources it generates.

The 4.0 update of the game allows you to challenge other Catan players online using a multiplayer and cross-platform system to put your strategist skills to the test.

The rivals managed by the computer, each with their own characteristics, will also prove to be good opponents: the pirate Juanita, with whom there is no way to agree; Vicente the merchant, who never allows them to deceive him, Sean the gentleman, who seizes everything that legitimately belongs to him …

You can purchase the famous Navigator and Cities and Knights expansions through the app.

The full Navigator expansion includes more than 10 additional scenarios and an extensive campaign. Become a Harbor Master and discover new islands and items, such as ships, gold fields, treasures and pirates.

The Cities and Knights expansion (a short campaign and 7 maps) introduces new rules that bring more variety to the game. Get new raw materials and turn your cities into one of the three metropolises of Catan.


  • – Available languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese
  • – Optimized for smartphone and trablet
  • – Rules of the original game The Settlers of Catan
  • – Intelligent computer controlled rivals with individual strategies
  • – Game scoreboard with scrolling and zooming options
  • – Adjustable and modifiable settings
  • – Game statistics
  • – Detailed tutorial
  • – Navigators LITE: new scenario The 4 islands and two variations of the game
  • – Cities and Knights LITE: try the scenario The first island of this new expansion
  • – 3 different graphics packages at your disposal

Download Catan Classic APK Current Version 4.7.4

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