Download ComiCat (Comic Reader / Viewer) APK Current Version 2.42

ComiCat (Comic Reader / Viewer) APK Current Version 2.42

Download ComiCat (Comic Reader / Viewer) APK Current Version 2.42

ComiCat is a quick and easy catalog reader and manager. You can manage and read your comic collection on your Android. It also offers a lot of options to maximize your reading experience. ComiCat has a native code base written and optimized for Android devices. It is extremely fast and stable and consumes little battery.

ComiCat comes with free updates forever, allowing for new functionality and usability improvements.

  • Support for the most popular comic formats CBZ, CBR, PDF, CB7, CBT etc.
  • Built-in high-quality PDF support, no need to download any plug-ins.
  • Auto scan of your device to create a catalog in seconds. Virtual library with multiple themes to configure its appearance.
  • Multiple catalog views, sorting and search options for quick access to your comics.
  • Password protection and hidden folders.
  • Fast viewing of comics thanks to efficient use of the cache. Options to improve performance and modify the user experience.
  • Multiple view modes, pinch-to-zoom and orientation options, auto-split into two pages, scanner, and auto-crop margins.
  • Reading direction from right to left and from left to right for Manga lovers.
  • Gestures to turn pages, fast forward, backward, and for almost all navigation needs.
  • Reading list, bookmarks, auto-recording of reading location and comic reading status indicators.
  • One-button sync and download your comics from any SMB account, OneDrive ™, Dropbox ™, Google Drive ™, Box ™. Download manager to manage and prioritize your comic book downloads.
  • Tools to manage your catalog.
  • You can read a collection of comics as a series.

Download ComiCat (Comic Reader / Viewer) APK Current Version 2.42

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