Download Crowd City APK v1.7.0 MOD (Timer frozen/Hold)

Download Crowd City APK v1.7.0 MOD (Timer frozen/Hold)

Crowd City – There are many cases where we are looking for a carefree entertainment medium. The era of Android development led to the creation of many Android gaming applications. There are apps that are based on creative game ideas. They should provide a new approach to gameplay. We will take the time to suggest the best gaming option available. A new game idea that is designed to bring the player to an attractive and stress-free game completely free of charge.

Crowd City is a game that is presented as the justification for its name. Involve the creator to gather all kinds of people from all over the city. The game makes you become a leader. You can influence people so they can follow the leader. This game is created with simple graphics to provide carefree and easy game play. The game has many game levels that will test the skills and abilities of the player. To be the best, the player has to test as many followers as possible and defeat all your enemies.

Endless timer
After starting the game, click the round button on the top left to open the menu mod with the ability to freeze the timer.

Download Crowd City APK Mod Timer Frozer Hold

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