Download Dawn of Zombies: Survival APK v2.55 (MOD MENU)

MOD Menu: Dawn of Zombies: Survival APK v2.55 

Dawn of Zombies makes a simulation game with the familiar post-apocalypse theme. Players will have to survive in a world that has gone through a horrible apocalypse for everything to be destroyed. And whoever still survives, who lived through the Conflagration, will have to face the most devastating disasters described in many ancient writings. Clearly, we will first see that we must combat hunger, aberrations, fanatic mutants and zombies, disease, and radiation. But do you know which is the greatest rival of human beings? Yes, of course, other survivors.

Free exchange with merchants
After starting the game, click the round button in the upper left corner to open the menu mod with the ability to do:
Free creation in the character menu (by clicking the Where to find? Create item button)
Free construction and improvement of buildings
Maximum level: open all crafting recipes
Mobs do not attack
The mobs stand still
Immortality (with restoration of health)
High damage.

Download Dawn of Zombies: Survival APK Mod Menu Here

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