Download Dead Cells APK Current Version 1.1.16

Dead Cells APK Current Version 1.1.16

Download Dead Cells APK Current Version 1.1.16 Get it at a special launch price of 10% off!

Death is not the end.

Play as a failed alchemical experiment and explore an ever-changing and expanding castle to discover what happened on this dreary island. That’s assuming you are able to break through and defeat their guardians.

Dead Cells is a Motion Twin roguevania action platform game that will force you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and abilities as you take on ruthless minions and bosses.

Bush. Go dead. Learn. Repeat.

Dead Cells, the hit indie that was already available for PC and consoles, now also allows you to destroy your enemies on mobile.

Main features

  • Roguevania

The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a roguelite-type game and the adrenaline that produces the threat of permanent death.

  • Frantic and dynamic 2D action

Learn the patterns of your enemies to survive or prepare to return to your cell in less than a rooster crows.

  • Nonlinear progression

Unlock new levels with each death, choose the path that best suits your style, your game mode or, simply, your mood. After all, the walls can’t be much worse than the sewers, right?

  • Play at your own pace

Do you prefer to explore every corner of the castle? Or will you hurry to the end?

Redesigned for mobiles with special attention to detail and with a renewed interface

  • Two game modes available

Original and Autoattack

  • Custom controls and more touch control options available

Change the position and size of the buttons to your liking, swipe to dodge …

  • Compatibility with most external bluetooth controllers
  • Buy it once and enjoy the full Dead Cells experience. Without ads and without the mechanics of free video games

Download Dead Cells APK Current Version 1.1.16

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