Download English for all! Pro APK Current Version 2.1.07

English for all! Pro APK Current Version 2.1.07

Download English for all! Pro APK Current Version 2.1.07 This application is useful for all adults and children studying English, regardless of their initial level of knowledge.

If you know the language well, this application can turn into an exciting contest, where you can check your level of knowledge of English words.

If you are just starting to learn English, this application can be a great help to expand your vocabulary, while the visual and audio aids can stimulate the effective knowledge of new material.


  • – Intuitive interface
  • – 26 different categories of English words
  • – All words are vocalized and transcribed
  • – Totally free. No Ads!
  • – 3 types of test
  • – Correct answer scoring
  • – Does not require internet connection

Before purchasing the full version of the Application, you can take a look at its advantages in the Light version.

Application modes:


You can familiarize yourself with each category of words to prepare for the next test. Each and every one of the words in English is combined with an image that helps to visualize the word, as well as its vocalization and transcription for proper pronunciation.


Choose the word that corresponds to the image among the four options offered.

Three words sound or are spelled similar to the correct word, making it harder to get it right.


From a given number of letters, you must correctly form the word represented by an image. This type of test helps to consolidate the spelling of words in English.


For a period of 30 seconds, try to determine the correct and incorrect translation of an image with the buttons “tick” and “cross” respectively.

Words in English are divided into the following categories:

  •  transport
  • clothes
  • dishes
  • foods
  • city
  • animals
  • colors
  • shapes
  • numbers
  • fruits
  • drinks
  • the insects
  • professions
  • the airport
  • vegetables
  • the sport
  • electronics
  • house
  • cosmetics
  •  toys
  • bathroom.

Download English for all! Pro APK Current Version 2.1.07

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