Download European War 2 APK Current Version 1.02

European War 2 APK Current Version 1.02

Download European War 2 APK Current Version 1.02 European War 2 is a strategy game with a new style of play and is set in World War II (Super Risk).

In the game, depending on your troops, you will be able to compete for land territories and cities as well as for oceans and seas, to later obtain more resources with the objective of developing your economy and your armies in order to take over the enemy capitals, thus eliminating to said enemies. There are 28 European countries and more than 200 land and sea territories. You can choose one of the 12 countries of the Axis or Allied powers while enjoying different types of games.

During the game, you will need to reasonably use and distribute the three basic types of troops, including infantry, armored, and artillery troops (infantry troops perform well and have a larger number of troops, but are powerful). moderate offensive; armored troops have high offensive power and continue action if they completely destroy enemy troops without casualties; artillery troops can bombard the other two types of troops without them being able to counterattack), and correctly analyze the situation while facing exceptional AI.

Each nation has its own military characteristics, for example: the German armored troops are the most powerful, but at the same time, the most expensive, the infantry of the Soviet Union is the cheapest and the best navy is that of Great Britain.

During the game you will need to use military cards to progress in combat:

  • Infantry Card (produces infantry troops)
  • Armored Card (produces armored troops)
  • Artillery Card (produces artillery troops)
  • Battleship card (allows to carry out actions at sea)
  • Fortress card (prevents attacking or moving troops that possess it, but improves its defense)
  • Construction Card (allows you to build in your territories, increases the gains per territory and when it reaches its maximum level allows you to deploy troops).
  • Air Attack Card (allows you to carry out an air attack on adjacent territories)
  • General Card (equip troops with a General, who will increase the chances of victory when they attack)
  • Marshal Card (equip troops with a Marshal, who will increase the chances of victory when they attack)
  • Special Card (only in possession of Germany, the Soviet Union, France, Italy and Great Britain, and after being used it will remain 7 rounds inactive)

Includes two game modes: conquest mode and battle mode

Conquest Mode: Choose a nation from among the 12 Axis or Allied powers available to dominate Europe. The rest will be your allies, your enemies, or neutralities.

Battle Mode – The game’s main game mode where you will be able to play command of four different countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union), in a total of 16 missions.

Gorgeous combat sound and music that will create an unmatched combat environment.


  • Conquest mode and battle mode
  • More than 200 territories
  • 28 belligerent states
  • 30 military troops
  • 15 military cards
  • 5 levels
  • 17 battles
  • Autosave system

Download European War 2 APK Current Version 1.02

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