Download Galaxy Trucker APK Current Version 2.9.92

Galaxy Trucker APK Current Version 2.9.92

Download Galaxy Trucker APK Current Version 2.9.92

Galactic Truckers Wanted!

(5/5) “Galaxy Trucker isn’t just the best board game to be adapted to the iPad this year. It’s the best board game for your iPad.” – Pocket Tactics

(5/5) “Galaxy Trucker is the star board game for iOS so far this year. It has made all the pieces fit together, and it offers countless hours of fun. This is a board game that has become a video game , not a simple platform change. ” – iOS Board Game

(4.5 / 5) “It’s fast, with a peculiar feel and infinite replayability. Basically, it has everything you could ask for from a board game and its digital adaptation.” – 148apps

(9/10) “Galaxy Trucker is, without a doubt, the best adaptation that has been seen so far from a board game to a digital format.” – Pocket Gamer

Can you build a spaceship with sewer pipes? Are you ready to face meteorites, pirates and smugglers? Can you pilot a ship with five engines when four of them have been destroyed? If you answered yes to these questions, you are the trucker we are looking for!

We offer a good pay, genetically diverse crew, and a dynamic work environment. Express delivery bonus will be awarded.

Sign up today and become a galactic trucker!

Galaxy Trucker, the board game designed by Vlaaďa Chvátil and winner of numerous awards, is now available for tablets and smartphones! Build spaceships, dodge meteorites and face the enemies that stalk you. All with the aim of fulfilling your mission and being the trucker with the most cosmic credits at the end of the game.

This digital adaptation allows you to enjoy games with up to 4 players, either online or sharing the same device. Thanks to the turn-based shipbuilding system, specially designed for this application, it is possible to play in “pass and play” mode and join asynchronous games online. Of course, you can also log in for fun with the classic real-time building method – reveal components and add them to your ship as fast as you can!

If solo games are your thing, you will be able to enjoy the dozen robotic opponents offered by the application (each with their own personality) and a campaign that will teach newbies to play and will face the experts with more than one challenge . The non-linear plot of the story offers hours and hours of fun on the go where you meet quirky characters and explore the galaxy.

Head to the space station, select the best components and build an imposing ship … And, if possible, reach its destination. You will need cannons to shoot your enemies, shields to protect you from meteorites, engines to overtake other truckers and cargo holds to store all the merchandise you find on your trip. Who wouldn’t want to be a galactic trucker !?

It includes:

  • – an epic directed campaign designed by Vlaada
  • – fast online duel mode
  • – online game mode (real-time or turn-based)
  • – single device multiplayer mode
  • – 12 robotic opponents to play solo
  • – ship building in real time or by turns
  • – autopilot to speed up the flight
  • – 81 achievements
  • – no more purchases once you have the application

Download Galaxy Trucker APK Current Version 2.9.92

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