Download Giana Sisters APK Current Version 3.1.1

Giana Sisters APK Current Version 3.1.1

Download Giana Sisters APK Current Version 3.1.1

Where idols die, legends are born!

More than 25 years ago, Armin Gessert with GIANA SISTERS introduced platform games to the Commodore 64 consoles. Nervous competition from this console managed to get this cult classic banned. In vain! GIANA SISTERS quickly became a revered collector’s item, still coveted on the black market today.

The legend is back, bigger than ever. To take advantage of the potential of today’s equipment, we have fully improved the graphics and controls. Now, the app stands out for a Full HD resolution and a new easy-to-use menu structure.

The game offers everything expected from a true platform game. Perfectly designed to spend hours of fun on all current Android devices (4.0 a.p.).

Freed from decades of accumulated dust, GIANA SISTERS retains its hard-won style, customary features, and an updated version of the legendary original soundtrack. Thus, the journey through the 32 classic levels, lovingly restored, should generate tachycardia and chills to fans of the original game.

Today, the sisters once again celebrate their assault on the video game charts. Lots of new adventures, retro charm, and modern design including:

  • – 80 all-new adventures
  • – 32 retro levels
  • – ultra-sharp Full HD graphics
  • – 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
  • – legendary soundtrack, inspired by Chris Hülsbeck
  • – freely selectable controls
  • – Services to the user community (score records, goals achieved, etc.)

We also love to play GIANA SISTERS. That is why we prefer to act according to the principle: “Reported failure, corrected failure.”


Kaasa team wishes you!

Download Giana Sisters APK Current Version 3.1.1

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