Download inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth / WiFi APK Current Version 7.5.7

inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth / WiFi APK Current Version 7.5.7
Download inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth / WiFi APK Current Version 7.5.7 🔌 Your car connected🚘

inCarDoc – The best car doctor! The OBD2 Scanner, Diagnostic, Monitoring and Logging: Reading of dynamic parameters and saved parameters from the electronic control unit (ECU) of cars compliant with the OBD-II standard.

Before purchasing, please install and verify the operation of the free version of inCarDoc on your machine

An ELM 327 or compatible OBD2 scanner is required. They are compatible: OBD-II (Bluetooth, WiFi, Kiwi 3 (BLE), iCar 3 (BLE), Vinli); GPS and demo mode. You can find more information at Work without an adapter is only possible in GPS mode: speed and height above sea level.

🏆Pro version:
• possibility to record parameters in real time
• reading, viewing and recording of several parameters simultaneously
• recording parameters in the background
• display and forwarding of saved highway parameters
• GPS support to link parameters to the highway
• sending data to the server
• display of consumption parameters above the screen of other applications

🛠 Diagnosis
It works like an error scanner: it reads Check Engine (MIL) status, error decoding, corresponding freeze frames, finds a description, and clears stored diagnostic error codes (DTCs). Save and forward diagnostic data for professional troubleshooting advice and recommendations. Note that only the parameters described by the OBD-II standard are supported: the engine and the exhaust.

⏲ ​​Real time parameters
Read OBD2 engine and car operating parameters: speed, revs, temperature, pressure, lambda and many other parameters that your car supports. It is possible to display them both in the form of graphs and in the form of arrow / digital scales. Note that the specific list of p

A fuel consumption data display and control mode. It shows both the parameters in real time (instantaneous and average consumption) as well as the total data of the trip, of the day and other statistics. Please note that the mode is available if your Car supports the parameters necessary for the calculation (MAF or MAP + IAT + RPM). In some cases, for the correct calculation, it is necessary to specify the motor capacity (in cubic centimeters) and the volumetric efficiency (in%, by default 80).

♾Other options:
• log book: fuel fillings, services, purchases, diagnostics
• GPS: speed, height
• registration and uploading of records to the network
• console mode: for advanced users, direct sending of OBD2 and ELM327 commands
• user configurations to work with non-standard parameters and protocols

• Device and application history
It is used for the correct functioning of the application modules in the background.
• Location
GPS parameters: speed, height, position to search for gas stations and service stations
• Files / Photos / Media
Record storage in the Logbook and debug files
• Others
Bluetooth: adapter communication and management
Internet: publication of logs on the network according to user instructions
Visualization above the windows of other applications: consumption or selected parameters above other applications

Download inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth / WiFi APK Current Version 7.5.7

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