Download InstaLogo Logo Creator APK Current Version 2.2

InstaLogo Logo Creator APK Current Version 2.2

Download InstaLogo Logo Creator APK Current Version 2.2 Create your next logo on your mobile phone and tablet with InstaLogo. And with a current design, it’s even easier to create high-quality logos and design on the go.

InstaLogo turns your Android and iOS devices into a professional logo maker. In a matter of minutes, a logo, poster, brochure, invitation card, flyer, name card, icon, symbol, label, banner, monogram, presentation and more can be designed for your business. With the massive amount of artwork and typography fonts in the app, the possible combinations are limitless. Once you’re ready, you can export them via email, upload them to the cloud of services, or send them to print.

Create attractive logos, flyers, banners and monograms

  • – Choose from a large library of logos
  • – Import your photos or any graphic design from your photo library
  • – Over 270 Handpicked Latin and Non-Latin fonts, or import your own
  • – Pinch, drag and rotate your logo elements to change size and perspective

Adjust and modify an existing logo

  • – Change the gradient and color of your logos, text and background
  • – Add pro-level shadows
  • – Use of grid lines to align everything perfectly
  • – Move items by grade, for super accurate results

Correct a bug

  • – Undo and redo each step
  • – Erase any part of your logo, or the whole thing, easily
  • – move things around with the Lasso tool

Share and save your badges

  • – Save and share your logos as a JPEG or PNG image, or as a PDF
  • – Store with a transparent background, ideal for everyday use
  • – Upload your images to Dropbox, Evernote and the box, so they are safe and shareable
  • – Share your logos by email or upload them directly to Facebook

Our clients use the application to:

  • – create business logos, brochures, posters, labels, icons
  • – create graphic design
  • – create banners, badges for marketing campaigns
  • – caption photos
  • – make an album cover
  • – make nice graphics for Instagram
  • – make elegant quotes
  • – create a flyer for a presentation
  • – make business cards
  • – make graphics for a blog
  • – design label, symbol, banner, brochure
  • – create monograms
  • – create personalized invitation cards
  • – give the words a designer look
  • – create birthday cards
  • – increase your graphic creativity
  • – design a poster, icon, brochure, symbol
  • – create digital badges

As you can see, InstaLogo Logo Creator is the easiest logo maker app to create logo for your business in minutes.

Therefore, more than just logo design can be done with InstaLogo. It can also be called a monogram maker, label designer or a flyer creator. InstaLogo can handle most social media graphic design needs as well. You can design cover of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest post cover graphics, icons or Youtube logo.

All in all, whatever branding you want to create – be it a logo, monogram, brochure, poster, label or name card – this logo maker allows you to create one at your ease.

  • – InstaLogo Logo Creator is available in 29 languages!
  • – Some features may require in-app purchases.

Download InstaLogo Logo Creator NOW!

Download InstaLogo Logo Creator APK Current Version 2.2

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