Download LadyFly APK Current Version 1.0.9

LadyFly APK Current Version 1.0.9

Download LadyFly APK Current Version 1.0.9
The long-awaited app for cleaning!

It will help in small steps to bring your home to perfect order.
The flexible configuration will allow you to create your own home cleaning system that perfectly matches your pace of life.

For beginners, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the basic principles of the flyledi cleaning system. They can be found within the application in the daily bulletin section, on the original system site or on third party resources on the web.

Divide routine tasks into convenient lists: daily tasks, repetitive tasks, seasonal tasks. Set a schedule for each list – you’ll see your tasks daily or on select days of the week, throughout the year, or in specific months.

Cross off completed tasks, watch progress, be proud of the result;) Completed tasks are automatically reset according to the selected settings. You can manually reset tasks at any time.

Distribute household cleaning by zone, select a zone schedule that is convenient for you, and pay attention to the small front of work every day. You can proceed to work in the following zone every day, every Monday, or on your own schedule.

In the daily newsletter you will find the task of the day, the habit of the month, the first steps for beginners and other useful information.

The main principle is small steps and regularity! Use the built-in timer: set aside a predetermined time for daily cleaning.

Make all kinds of lists for all occasions, and for quick entries, use the Notes section. In addition, the application has a convenient calendar for planning affairs and events.

Change the color scheme and layout according to your mood, add your own images for the current cleaning zone.

We always welcome your comments and suggestions, write to us at or from the “Comments” section of the application.

Download LadyFly APK Current Version 1.0.9

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