Download Learn Music Notes APK Version Varies with device

Learn Music Notes APK Version Varies with device

Download Learn Music Notes APK Version Varies with device Jungle Music is an educational game to easily learn to read music notes in all keys through a progressive, playful and instructive method, specially designed for beginner musicians.

He accomplishes his search through the jungle of a desert island and feeds his chameleon with fly-notes.

The more he progresses, the more he grows … until he becomes the King of Music!

Simple and efficient gameplay to recognize and memorize the notes while having fun at the same time!

Custom level: Create your own workout!

Visual and auditory learning to become a true musician!

Different landscapes and instrument sounds to customize your game!

Up to 4 players to have fun with your family or friends!

With Jungle Music, learning music becomes child’s play!

Characteristics :

  • Each clef is divided into 20 levels of difficulty, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • Earn stars by recognizing as many notes as possible.
  • Obtaining the third star of each level is timed and unlocks the next level.
  • For each clef, completing the second level unlocks the custom level where you can choose the music notes to work with.
  • Select at least 3 notes among those already learned. The further you advance on the island, the more notes you will get.
  • You can also choose a game at random.
  • Perfect for daily training!

For each recognition of the notes, the learning is complete:

  • + Decipher and read musical scores / read musical notes
  • + Ear training by listening to the sound of the note (Choose from piano, guitar or violin / cello sounds)
  • + If a mistake is made, the correction is provided.

A valuable tool for learning music theory and music theory:

  • + Read the notes in Treble Clef, Fourth Bass Clef, Third Clef, First Clef, Second Clef, Third Clef, Fourth Clef.
  • + Read over the staff lines, and below and above the staff
  • + Musical notation in: (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si) / (C D E F G A B) / (C D E F G A H)
  • + 2 keyboard visualizations to learn piano

Download Learn Music Notes APK Version Varies with device

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