Download Million Onion Hotel APK Current Version 1.1.2

Million Onion Hotel APK Current Version 1.1.2

Download Million Onion Hotel APK Current Version 1.1.2

Million Onion Hotel is a puzzle game full of possibilities, set in an absurd world of pixelated graphics in which the craziest music sounds.

This is a puzzle game with elements that will make you play again after another. Make lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally to the beat of the sound!

  • – More than 30 enemies and mechanisms discovered by the doctor!
  • – More than 70 history cards with which you will discover the secrets of the hotel!
  • – More than 30 hidden characters!
  • – A bizarre story with an even more shocking ending!
  • – The game does not end with the end!

This game is so rare that it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The animations of the pixelated illustrations give a lot of themselves. And the sound effects and music are not wasted! Play with sound, don’t hesitate.

– A curious and mysterious story-

Once upon a time, there was a hotel that was located between the border of the Atilano and Cocilano countries, without belonging to either of them. The hotel was famous for its magical onion soup, which with just one sip brought happiness. All the big shots gathered at the hotel to put on their boots, but they didn’t tell others about this magnificent concoction. They only thought of themselves and their palate …

Then one night the hotel and its patrons were sucked into an unknown galaxy of which little or nothing was known! Was it because they had been drinking soup?

In this hotel there is a story to tell that you will not expect from a puzzle game! What will happen to the hotel guests? Experience it for yourself through its fantastic pixelated characters.

This application is recommended to:

  • – Pixel lovers
  • – Lovers of the strange
  • – People who like challenges
  • – Completers
  • – People who want to be absorbed in a new sound experience

Download Million Onion Hotel APK Current Version 1.1.2

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