Download Monument Valley 2 APK Current Version 1.3.15

Monument Valley 2 APK Current Version 1.3.15

Download Monument Valley 2 APK Current Version 1.3.15

Guide a mother and daughter on their journey through magical architectures where they will discover impossible paths and amazing puzzles while unraveling the secrets of Sacred Geometry.

Monument Valley 2, the sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley, invites us on a new adventure set in a world of impossible beauty.Help Ro while she teaches her daughter the mysteries of the Valley, where they will explore amazing places manipulating the architecture at will to continue their journey.

“Subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor.” (WIRED)

«Small samples of a surreal world that leaves the skin to satisfy me». (POLYGON)

“I was mesmerized by everything I saw and heard.” (DESTRUCTOID)

“One of the best gaming experiences available not just on mobile, but on any device.” (POCKETGAMER)

“An even deeper and smarter game.” (WIRED)


A completely new story set in the Monument Valley universe, so you don’t need to have played the previous title to immerse yourself in Monument Valley 2.


Enjoy beautiful levels full of thought-provoking illusory puzzles. Use new forms of interaction to explore the relationship between the characters.


The game’s art section is inspired by an eclectic mix of architectural styles, artistic movements, and personal influences that translate into striking geometric structures.


Let yourself be carried away by musical compositions of unparalleled melodic beauty specifically composed to accompany Ro and her daughter every step of the way.

Download Monument Valley 2 APK Current Version 1.3.15

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