Download Neo Monsters APK Version 2.13

Neo Monsters APK Version 2.13

Download Neo Monsters APK Version 2.13

Form your team and fight for victory! Capture, train, and evolve to become the champion in one of the most popular monster battle RPGs in the world!

Neo Monsters in an addictive strategy RPG game characterized by its epic 4v4 battles between two teams of up to 16 monsters. Its extraordinary turn-based battle system will allow you to create complex strategies by chaining together hundreds of powerful abilities. Hunt down the mightiest monsters, and make the most of their potential by fighting online and defeating your opponents in exciting Battles and PvP Leagues! Are you ready for the challenge?

▶ Features:
● Create your own Monster Collection
✔ Capture and evolve over 1000 fully animated Monsters!
✔ Train your Monsters and unleash all their power.
✔ Get evolution ingredients to unlock their full potential!

● Form a Battle Strategy
✔ Assemble the strongest team of up to 16 Monsters.
✔ Defeat your opponents in epic turn-based 4v4 Battles!
✔ Create devastating combinations using hundreds of skills.

● Become the Champion
✔ Conquer all six Leagues and defeat the Grand Champion through more than 60 hours of adventures!
✔ Explore multiple islands and dungeons on your journey.
✔ Follow the story and discover the truth behind the atrocities caused by your uncle years ago.

● Participate in Online Battles
✔ Duel players from around the world in PvP Leagues!
✔ Complete more than 100 missions online.
✔ Take on the challenge and complete special events updated weekly to get great rewards!

Download Neo Monsters APK Version 2.13

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