Download Photo Studio PRO APK Version

Photo Studio PRO APK Version 

Download Photo Studio PRO APK Version

Photo Studio is a powerful multifunctional photo editing application for photographers of any level. It contains an extensive kit of editing tools for both basic and advanced retouching of your images. Turn every shot into a perfect work of art using a wide range of effects, filters, text editing and color enhancement tools, and many other out-of-the-box features.
Main features:

1. More than 200 unique filters, amazing special effects, a large collection of image effects, a rich set of different frames for any event in your life, a large number of stickers, textures, shapes and correction tools (lighting adjustment , color correction, focus, magnification lens, tilt, blur and more.

2. Use the manual correction tools to highlight, correct or enhance any part or object of a photo. Use the mask correction tool to apply filters, effects or adjust your photo selectively.

3. The collage editor allows you to combine multiple photos into amazing collages with a wide variety of adjustable frames, shapes, customizable backgrounds, templates and stickers.

4. Magic tools comprising the following outstanding features: Blend function to combine two images using a large collection of masks, backgrounds, and blending modes. Touch of Color is intended to highlight objects in a photo. Clone Stamp allows you to copy objects, change or erase a background. Shape editor helps to combine photos with multiple variations of shapes, textures and backgrounds.

5. An impressive text editing tool designed to create great looking messages on your photos, with a rich collection of customizable fonts, colors, textures and shapes.

6. Over 50 bonus content packs that extend the photo editing process with new effects, frames, textures, fonts, and templates. Our team is constantly working hard to implement awesome new features to become # 1 photo editor.

Download Photo Studio PRO APK Version 

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