Download Predynastic Egypt APK Current Version 1.0.65

Predynastic Egypt APK Current Version 1.0.65

Download Predynastic Egypt APK Current Version 1.0.65 Turn-based historical simulation strategy game where you will lead through the history of Predynastic Egypt. Starting at 5,000 BC. C., you will guide the humble and nomadic Egyptian tribes through all difficulties towards prosperity and power, culminating in the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt.

Get ready to witness the evolutionary breakthroughs that allowed the first Egyptians to march to distant lands, fight catastrophes and other hardships, and ultimately establish the first Egyptian state. Will you be able to reaffirm the events that took place historically, or will you lead to ruin the chiefdom, forgotten in the annals of history? Gain intimate insight into the events that happened before the eras of Classical Egypt, through a unique game.

Simulation of the ancient world

Wars, droughts, enemy invasions, epidemics, internal riots, tribal migration, religious ceremonies, exploration of distant lands, celebrations, and over 100 other events and trials await you in the game!

The technological evolution of humanity

48 historically accurate technologies and cultural achievements of Predynastic Egypt with interesting descriptions will show you the technological evolution of humanity, with the example of the Egyptian civilization.

Mysteries of Egyptian religion and culture

You will see the unique religion of the Nile civilization born, beginning with their beliefs in spirits and ending with the gods of predynastic Egypt. You will learn the secrets that only archaeologists and Egyptologists know!

Reconstructed map of ancient Egypt

A faithful reconstruction of the geographical map of ancient Egypt between the years 5,000 and 3,000 BC. C., which considers the climatic changes of the period, when the Sahara was a savanna and not a desert, and the wadi were rivers and not routes.

The rebuilt city of Hieracómpolis

Accurate reconstruction of Hieracómpolis, the ancient center of predynastic Egypt. You will build the royal houses, temples and tombs that were excavated by archaeologists in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The fate of an entire nation is in your hands. Make important decisions in real historical situations, such as wars and disasters. The true story will immerse you in the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient world, seen through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians.

Download Predynastic Egypt APK Current Version 1.0.65

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