Download Rangi APK Current Version 1.0

Rangi APK Current Version 1.0

Download Rangi APK Current Version 1.0

Solve complex puzzles, explore hidden temples, escape deadly platforms and enjoy the joy of flight as you restore the stolen rhythms of the Musiki!

Inspired by tribal music, art, and architecture from across the African continent, Rangi is challenging yet comfortable to play.

Close your eyes. Find your value. Find your way through the temple doors. Discover lost secrets, perhaps even your own. Pause and meditate, but don’t let the Matata’s tricks lie to you. There is danger in its beauty and violence in its artifice.
Let the Musiki be your guides, listen to their song in the resonance of the world.
If you are confused, don’t get frustrated. The world is confusing.
If you make mistakes, correct them patience. There is no shame in learning from mistakes.
If you feel like you can’t move on, look around you. Maybe the Musiki are trying to show you something.
Move like the wind, flow like water, be as strong as the stone under your feet. You will find your way.

Download Rangi APK Current Version 1.0

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