Download Riptide GP2 APK Current Version 1.3.1

Riptide GP2 APK Current Version 1.3.1

Download Riptide GP2 APK Current Version 1.3.1 Accelerate your rocket water jet and put your racing pilot skills to the test with the dynamic and unpredictable waves of Riptide GP®2.

Race through futuristic cityscapes, meandering canals and rivers, harbors and mysterious research facilities; Jump into vertigo jumps and perform authentic acrobatic feats. Collect powerful boats, customize their performance and decorate them to your liking. Play with your friends with up to six players on shared screen, all from the comfort of your home!

Riptide GP2 sets the standard for modern water racing games thanks to its dynamic races with fully interactive water surfaces, its comprehensive racing mode packed with upgrades, customizable drivers and abilities, its local multiplayer systems and its fully integrated controller support.

From Vector Unit, the makers of Riptide GP, Beach Buggy Racing, Beach Buggy Blitz, Shine Runner, and Hydro Thunder Hurricane!

  • Single player racing mode

○ Compete in over sixty challenging racing, fast lap, elimination and freestyle events.

  • Upgrade your boat

○ Collect ten powerful water jets, improve their performance and customize their colors to distinguish yourself from other players.

  • Exciting stunt system

○ Level up your character to unlock 25 incredible stunts. Leave the spectators in awe, charge up your power-ups and leave the competitors with a span of noses.

  • Shared screen multiplayer

○ Play with your friends with up to 4 players on shared screen !!

  • VR Challenge

○ Compete against recordings of the best results of your friends in the “VR Challenge” mode.

  • Google Play Games Services

o Compete online, get achievements and keep your game synchronized in the cloud with your Google account.

  • Play how you want

o With capacity for different configurations of the controls to tilt, touch screens and game by controls.

  • State of the art technology

o Riptide GP2 enhances the spectacular aesthetics of the original game with its high definition graphics thanks to the new Vector Engine 4.

Download Riptide GP2 APK Current Version 1.3.1

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