Download SA Group Text APK Current Version 3.6.26

SA Group Text APK Current Version 3.6.26

Download SA Group Text APK Current Version 3.6.26 SA Group Text is the most efficient way to send group messages. You can add recipient names and phone numbers to an Excel file. You can enter static or custom text messages directly into the Excel spreadsheet. For example, if you enter “Hello {name}, …” in a message, the application will take the first name of the recipients and personalize the message, generating a text such as “Hello David, …”, “Hello Michael, … “…

SA Group Text is also an easy way to send text messages to your phone contacts. Just choose groups or individual contacts, write a static or custom message and send it.

With SA Group Text you can:

★ Import text group from Excel file via USB / email.

★ Create your own groups in an Excel spreadsheet and send them messages.

★ Insert tags ({nickname}, {firstname}, {lastname}, {nickname}, {company} etc) in your text message to create personalized messages. When you use this feature, each message has a personal touch. For example:

Dear {name}, welcome to our dinner.

★ Use any Excel compatible application to create your group text messages. Make sure to save as an Excel 97-2003 workbook.

★ Send SMS to as many recipients as you need within your Excel file

★ Create a formatted Excel file easily. The file can only contain two columns: Mobile and Message. You can find more spreadsheet examples on the app’s website.

★ Create flexible group SMS on your spreadsheet.

For example, “{family} Family – Practice tomorrow at 5 pm for little {kidname}!” It becomes “David Family – Practice tomorrow at 5pm for little Johnny!” The names change over and over again.

★ Schedule the messages you want to send at a specific time.

★ Set the time interval when you want your text message to be sent.

★ Support for Dual SIM devices (Android 5.1 or later).

★ Pause and resume schedules. You need to long press the program to access the pause / resume option.

★ Import and send 10,000+ personalized messages at once.

★ Send unsent messages. If the application terminates while sending group SMS messages, the application can continue with the sending schedule after starting the application.

★ Make send report and reply report.

★ The Lite version allows you to send 120 messages each time, the full version has no limit.

★ If you provide the recipient’s email address in the excel file, the same message will be sent to their email address.

To send messages by email, you have to

  1. Enable mail sending in the application settings page.

second. set up an email account to send messages from it.

  1. add “Subject” and “Email Address” in the excel file. You can see the sample-mail.xls file in the application for more details.

Due to Android’s SMS limitation, each app can only send 100 messages in one hour. You must install the SA Group text plugin to extend the SMS limitation.

After downloading the plugins, go to your phone settings, then go to the application manager, give the Send SMS permission to these plugins.

If the application runs on Android 8.0 and above, enable the application to run in the background manually. Please also enable all Group SMS plugins running in the background and send sms.

You must also grant the Run in Background permission to the app and all plugins. This is the way some models can grant the Run in Background permission.


  • Go to Settings -> Battery -> Start -> SA Group Text App enable Auto-launch and run in the background


  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> Special access -> Optimize battery usage -> All applications -> disable SA Group Text


  • Go to Settings -> More Settings -> Applications -> All -> SA Group Text -> Permission -> Single Permission Settings -> Auto Start


  • Permissions -> SA Text Group -> Start in background

 Download SA Group Text APK Current Version 3.6.26

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