Download Sprinkle Islands APK Current Version 1.1.6

Sprinkle Islands APK Current Version 1.1.6

Download Sprinkle Islands APK Current Version 1.1.6

Titan is on fire again: Award-winning fire fighting and aquatic physics puzzle Sprinkle is back with a new adventure

In the not-too-distant future, a waste-processing spacecraft from Earth loses its way and burning debris falls on the beautiful islands of Titan. The innocent villages of Titan have been burned by burning garbage and they need your help.

Using intuitive touch controls, you will control a tiny fire truck and extinguish fires. But some of the fires are difficult to access. To save Titan, solve the puzzles with the water jet and use obstacles, buttons, elevators. The water supply is limited, so save it to get the most at each level.

* Four different islands with a total of 60 levels provide hours of entertainment and challenges.

* Incredible Aquatic Physics: The original Sprinkle set a new aquatic standard in mobile gaming. Sprinkle Islands makes it better with endless floating objects, pools, and oceans.

* Aquatic Boss Battles – New to Sprinkle Islands, players will find dramatic boss battles at the end of each island.

* Revamped Touch Controls – Improved controls allow players to focus on the task, solve challenging puzzles with the jet of the water cannon.

More than eight million people have enjoyed the original Sprinkle. Join the fun of this new and improved version. Use your intelligence and the water cannon to solve puzzles and save Titan.

Download Sprinkle Islands APK Current Version 1.1.6

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