Download Stop Motion Studio Pro APK Current Version

Stop Motion Studio Pro APK Current Version

Download Stop Motion Studio Pro APK Current Version

With its easy-to-use interface, Stop Motion Studio lets you create beautiful movies frame by frame.

It’s easy to use, deceptively powerful, and incredibly fun to play with.

Full-featured movie editor:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Overlay and grid mode for easier positioning of animated objects
  • Copy and paste frames
  • Frame-by-frame movie editor with Timeline

Create beautiful movies:

  • Titles, credits and unique text cards.
  • Give your movie the perfect look with different video filters
  • Add close-ups, backgrounds, and transition effects
  • Create a soundtrack with built-in music and sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration
  • Rotoscoping: import video clips and create stunning animations
  • Green screen: change the background of your scene to make the object fly or appear anywhere you can imagine
  • Use a keyboard to edit movies quickly


  • Capture with an adjustable time interval
  • Full camera control with automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure, ISO and shutter speed
  • Use a second device as a remote camera

Powerful image editor:

  • Add text and speech bubbles or create titles
  • Add facial expressions to LEGO® figures
  • Retouch images and paint
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Merge frames to simulate fast movements

Share with friends and family:

  • Save it to your device or share it on YouTube in 4K or 1080p
  • Save it as an animated GIF
  • Save all images
  • Easily transfer projects between devices
  • Start on your mobile device and continue on your Mac
  • Post it on Stop Motion TV

Download Stop Motion Studio Pro APK Current Version

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