Download Sudoku + APK Current Version Varies with device

Sudoku + APK Current Version Varies with device
Download Sudoku + APK Current Version Varies with device
Brainium Sudoku is the number one sudoku version for smartphones and tablets, as well as the best method to improve your skills in this classic puzzle game.

The Sudoku app is not only the door to a fun and intuitive game, but also the most complete sudoku learning system for mobile devices on the market.

When faced with a puzzle, use the “Hint” button to learn a technique to help you keep going. The instructions are easy to understand, change with each puzzle, and feature very colorful animations. Clues don’t just give you the answers, they tell you how to get there. This function will teach you all the techniques you need to solve the puzzles, whether you are a newcomer to the world of sudoku puzzles or an expert in the field.

Enjoy a customizable and easy-to-use Sudoku board with prompts that show you all its possibilities at a glance.

The interface is designed so that entering numbers and annotations is a breeze, and the scoring system adapts to everything so that you can compete with yourself or with your friends whatever their skill level.

Brainium Sudoku is the best designed and most accessible Sudoku game you have ever played.

• The world’s most advanced sudoku learning tool
• Clues give the solution and explain how
reach her
• Five perfectly balanced difficulty levels
• Two layouts for the grid
• Two fonts (light and dark) of adjustable size
• Endless collection of masterfully crafted puzzles
• Statistics to keep track of your progress
• Ability to undo and redo movements without limit
• Annotations auto-fill option
• Option to delete annotations
• Error search option
• Portrait and landscape view
• Annotations and advanced game options
• Five spectacular graphic styles
• Universal app that looks equally good on phones and tablets
• Friends and world leaderboard
• Play vertically and horizontally
• Horizontal view adapted to left-handed players

We hope you have a great time with Brainium Sudoku! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk. We will be happy to give you a hand

Download Sudoku + APK Current Version Varies with device

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