Download Survivalist: Invasion PRO APK Current Version 0.0.357

Survivalist: invasion PRO APK Current Version 0.0.357

Download Survivalist: Invasion PRO APK Current Version 0.0.357

An emblematic protagonist goes to fulfill his mission on duty. This time it will not be able to succeed without your help! Only by joining your forces can you discover all the secrets of an archipelago lost in the ocean and save our world from a mortal threat.

Survivalist: invasion is an exciting new survival game that contains elements of an RPG. Islands “paradise” await you where secret societies and powerful terrorist organizations carry out experiments that are capable of radically changing the history of humanity. Join a special agent known as U.N.Known to avoid a global catastrophe!

Survivalist: Invasion builds on already established survival video game mechanics: scouting the terrain, searching for resources, crafting weapons and equipment, building and reinforcing shelters, as well as fighting all kinds of enemies, from classic zombies to their mutant bosses possessing powers supernatural. Surviving is in your hands.

The game also offers sophisticated RPG content as well as an engaging story. Perfect your armor and weaponry. Meet unique characters and complete missions. Participate in clashes of powerful factions. Prepare yourself for a long journey full of dangers, puzzles and terrifying discoveries. This archipelago is the most mysterious place on Earth. Many, starting from Nazi scientists to the American secret services, tried to dominate the forces hidden deep within. The only ones who succeeded were the leaders of the Army of Global Revolution, an organization recognized as a terrorist in most countries of the world. But did they really get it? Maybe the thing is more complicated than it seems at first glance?

You’ll have to find out yourself. In this difficult task you can count on the help of U.N.Known, secret agent and master of martial arts. Heed his advice, but make decisions for yourself and learn the harsh laws of survival in the Survivalist islands: invasion!

Download Survivalist: Invasion PRO APK Current Version 0.0.357

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