Download Survivor Adventure: Survival Island Pro APK Current Version

Survivor Adventure: Survival Island Pro APK Current Version

Download Survivor Adventure: Survival Island Pro APK Current Version It is a professional version of the popular game. Contains starter pack, ad-free and always stable!

A new version of the best classic action games of the Android app has been released!

How did you get to this island? Apparently this evil fate threw you onto the island.

Hey, did you see a mysterious monster in the woods? Is it a zombie?

And now only in the tropical forest. The forest is full of many dangers and maybe even other survivors. But YOU left to survive.

Island survival is not as easy as it sounds. Search for food, build a monster shelter, grow plants, create weapons, dressage or hunt animals and survive. This new survival simulator includes an advanced crafting system, a wealth of startup resources, wild animals, and weapons. New survival and skill are waiting for you! Is it your last day on earth?

Survival Island Features:

  •  hunting

The island is inhabited by dangerous animals. Try hunting animals, or animals will hunt you down. This is very dangerous. Are you a hunter or a victim? The real battle begins.

  • Taming animals

There is not only hunting, but also taming wild animals in the survival of this island. There are elephants, lions, and other wild animals. Each animal has a different personality, temperament, and individual character. It will not be easy to domesticate animals. Be brave!

  • Crafts

Mine the resources and artisan weapons you need to survive. Craft weapons: ax, pickaxe, spear, even ark and etc! The variety of food will allow you not to starve. Crafting will help you survive on the island. The best survival and craft is here!

  •  building

Build your own refuge on the island. Explore new places, create tools, collect resources to build. Building a house is not an easy task on an island in the ocean! Do it now!

  •  Explore mysterious caves

These places are full of mysteries and secrets. Explore the desert and mysterious caves. Be careful! It is too dangerous here!

  • Travel

Make your own ark to travel with animals. Build a raft, boat or ship and go on a journey. There are many islands to choose from. Travel, explore new places, discover new islands of adventure. But don’t sail far from home.

  • Day night cycle.

Don’t forget to make a primitive fire for the night. The night holds many dangers, the chaschniki moan aggressively. Survive in the long darkness.

Coming soon

  • Monsters with rare loot. (next update)
  • Advanced economy and trade system.
  • Unique fishing system.
  •  in-game chat! (in closed beta now)
  • Real-time multiplayer online survival! (in closed beta now)
  • So the real survival of online battle is coming!
  • Amazing story with various missions!

Tips Survival Tips:

  • + Collect resources in the forest and create primary tools.
  • + Mine all the useful resources you will see.
  • + Build your own shelter to protect yourself from monsters or zomie.
  • + Farm and grow any food you want, but don’t froger to cook it!
  • + Hunting is very dangerous. You need armor and weapons to survive.
  • + Join other survivors and have fun on the last day on earth.

The best free survival simulator is here! There are wild animals, mysterious caves, hunting and taming, building, crafting, and other things in the game!

Join right now and become the real survivor on the island!

Download Survivor Adventure: Survival Island Pro APK Current Version

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