Download The Hidden World APK Current Version 1.0.14

The Hidden World APK Current Version 1.0.14

Download The Hidden World APK Current Version 1.0.14

The strange feeling you had all day accompanied you to bed that night.

A sudden roar in the next room awakens you from dreams of magical lands, and you feel a race of heartbeats in your chest.

You sit down suddenly on the bed and the strange feeling returns as your eyes adjust to the darkness, and you focus on the wooden symbols under the mantel of the fireplace. Almost as if someone is calling you …

After lighting the lamp, you get up carefully, and head towards the sound that woke you up. This is your uncle’s house, and even though you’ve been here many times, it suddenly feels very different.

The room is a mess, full of interesting and incredibly strange artifacts, memorabilia from the uncle’s travels, of which I wouldn’t count. On the floor, there is a broken open mosaic box. When you unfold the paper that nests in this nest, you recognize the symbols instantly.

The bonfire!

You run into the bedroom and re-examine the symbols on the paper. These fully coincide with those of the woodwork on the home mantel, but are arranged differently …

Although your hands are shaking with excitement, you are quick to rearrange the wooden symbols as shown on the paper. One after another, a click is heard with each well-placed symbol until the figure is complete.

Suddenly, golden rays of sunlight enter through the opening of the fireplace, and pierce the darkness of the room. You stand to one side open-mouthed and, through the opening, with wide eyes of amazement, you discover the beautiful and magical land of your dreams.

You take a deep breath, walk through the opening in one step and begin to travel that other world …


  • beautiful hand-painted graphics that transports you to this fascinating adventure
  • many objects to collect and puzzles to solve
  • original soundtrack and effects
  • a journal that records the symbols and keys you find
  • a dynamic map that shows the areas you have explored, as well as your current location
  • a complete system of indications integrated in the same set
  • translation of The Hidden World into several languages

Download The Hidden World APK Current Version 1.0.14

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