Download THE POOL CALCULATOR – Chemistry, Volume, & Effects APK Current Version 4.1.1

THE POOL CALCULATOR – Chemistry, Volume, & Effects APK Current Version 4.1.1 

Download THE POOL CALCULATOR – Chemistry, Volume, & Effects APK Current Version 4.1.1

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Looking for help with calculations for your pool or hot tub chemistry? The Pool Calculator does all the calculations for you, making testing and treating your pool or hot tub a breeze.

Pool Calculator tells you exactly how much of each chemical to add to keep your water balanced and crystal clear. No more puzzling over complicated tables and formulas.

Take your Android phone or tablet to the pool and have all the chemical information and calculations you need at your fingertips.

Pool Calculator provides a complete tool kit to make pool care easy. You get:
• Chemical calculators
• Volume calculator
• Effects calculator (what if)

You can use the test strip or test kit of your choice to test your pool or hot tub. The Pool Calculator provides calculations for:
– Chlorine (FCl)
– Raising the pH
– Lowering the pH
– Total alkalinity (TA)
– Calcium hardness (CH)
– Stabilizer (CYA or cyanuric acid)
– Salt
– Borate (Borax)
– Calcium saturation index (CSI, similar to LSI)

With Pool Calculator, the recommended ranges for your chemicals are based on whether you have a pool or hot tub, and the surface material (plaster, vinyl, or fiberglass) of your pool or hot tub. You can choose from several predefined ranges or customize to your preferences.

To keep your pool or hot tub at its peak, it is important that you accurately calculate the volume of water. All of the chemical balance recommendations you receive from the Pool Calculator are based on this. You can calculate the volume of your group in metric units (liters) or in imperial units (gallons). The pool volume calculator can be used to:
• Rectangular pools and jacuzzis
• Oval pools and jacuzzis
• Round swimming pool hot tubs

What-if analysis for adding chemicals to your pool or hot tub! Ever wanted to know the impact of adding a certain amount of Chemical on your pool or hot tub chemistry?

The Effects Calculator calculates the impact a specific amount of chemicals adds to your pool chemistry. It does this not only for the main purpose of the chemical, but also in other important measurements for your pool. For example, adding Trichlor not only increases free chlorine, it also increases cyanuric acid, lowers pH, and increases salt. Adding Cal Hypo increases free chlorine and also increases the hardness of calcium (CH) and salt.

With the Effects Calculator you can measure the effects on pool chemistry by adding a certain dose of:
• Bleach
• Trichlor
• dichlor
• Cal-hiccup
• Lithium hypochlorite
• Chlorine gas
• Muriatic acid
• Dry acid
• Detergent
• Soda ash
• Borax
• Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate
• Boric acid
• Caustic Acid (bleach)
• Sodium bicarbonate
• Calcium chloride
• Calcium chloride dihydrate
• Stabilizer
• Liquid stabilizer
• Salt
Download THE POOL CALCULATOR – Chemistry, Volume, & Effects APK Current Version 4.1.1

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