Download Transparent clock weather (Ad-free) APK Version 3.16.1

Transparent clock weather (Ad-free) APK Version 3.16.1

Download Transparent clock weather (Ad-free) APK Version 3.16.1

Easily get an accurate global and local weather forecast with live updates, hourly and daily forecasts, and live weather alerts. ⛅️☁️🌪 Check the weather now, tomorrow or on the weekend with this feature packed app.

These are the characteristics of the application:

☀️🌥️🌩️ Weather forecast
– Local weather forecasts for your current location. Our application automatically detects your location while you travel and displays accurate weather reports in real time.

– Weather conditions in real time, including current temperature, temperature sensation, maximum and minimum temperatures of the day, humidity, probability of rain and snow, wind speed and direction, UV index, index of icy and hot wind, sunrise time, sunset, moonrise and moonset and much more.

– Detailed weather forecasts for today, tomorrow or for the next 10 days, allowing you to prepare for good or bad weather! 🌧️⚡

– Extended local weather forecasts. 10-day weather forecast, hourly weather for 72 hours, hourly wind forecast for 72 hours, hourly weather charts, daily weather charts, and moon phases for 60 days.

– Weather radar with support for temperature, precipitation (rain and snow), pressure and wind. 🛰️🗺️

– Climate charts. Check out the weather forecast easily using our helpful charts and dive into the extended daily and hourly forecast pages to learn more.

– Temperature notification: Keep track of the current temperature using the temperature notification and launch the weather forecast app by clicking on it. 🌡️❄️

🌎 Weather forecasts around the world
Get accurate global weather forecasts from anywhere. Add up to 10 locations and keep track of the weather and local time anywhere in the world. Our app can accurately display the weather for any city in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Korea and any other country in the world. Simply search for the city you want and choose it to add it to your list.

🖼️ Weather widgets

Widgets come in many different shapes and sizes and offer many customization options. Use our transparent widgets to keep your wallpaper visible. Use the forecast widgets to see what the weather is today, or how it will be tomorrow, without leaving the home screen.

The widgets can display the time and date, local weather forecast, and other useful information such as next alarm time, next appointment, free memory and storage, sunrise and sunset times, and much more. They also include useful hotspots that can be customized to open your favorite applications such as calendar, alarm, etc. ⌚⏱️📁

👍 Download Transparent Clock and Weather now and enjoy an accurate weather forecast on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Plan your weekend or vacation with ease and stay prepared for good or bad weather with this easy-to-use weather app! 🌴🚌🏞️

Download Transparent clock weather (Ad-free) APK Version 3.16.1

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