Download Veicolo + (senza pubblicità) APK Current Version 9.1

Veicolo + (senza pubblicità) APK Current Version 9.1
Download Veicolo + (senza pubblicità) APK Current Version 9.1
Veicolo + is the number 1 application in Italy to search for information on cars and motorcycles.
With the completely redesigned version of Vehicle +, you will have all the information you need.
You will be able to verify the technical characteristics of a vehicle, verify its RCA coverage, control the theft, calculate the stamp tax or review the revision simply by knowing the license plate.

The application allows you to obtain technical information such as:
• Make, model and construction.
• Registration data (1st registration, date of purchase, place of registration).
• Engine data (power, displacement, kilowatts, horses).
• Insurance data (insurance status, policy expiration).
• Driving skills for novice drivers and required license.
• Theft data (status of theft, date of theft, location of theft).
• Stamp data (stamp cost, possible stamp cost, stamp expiration).
• Service data (last service, km recorded, service deadline).
• Other information (HP tax, environmental class, places, approval code).

You can choose whether to get all the information at once or to focus more quickly on the specific information that interests you.
When entering the license plate, you can choose whether it is a car, motorcycle, van, or scooter.
Obviously, you have the possibility to share the results of your research with whoever you want.

Download Veicolo + (senza pubblicità) APK Current Version 9.1

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