Download Werewolf Pro APK Version 2.7.2

Werewolf Pro APK Version 2.7.2

Download Werewolf Pro APK Version 2.7.2

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If you want to play Werewolf (also known as Mafia) but you don’t have cards for it and you don’t feel like taking a pen and paper, this is the perfect app for you. Just configure how many players are going to participate, what roles you want to use (e.g. how many Werewolves etc.) and you’re done! You only have to pass your device from hand to hand and each player can press to see their role.

There are more than 30 roles available!

– Werewolf
– Villager
– Seer
– Doctor
– Hunter
– Witch
– Priest
– Cupid
– Drunk
– Bodyguard
– Seer
– Seer Apprentice
– Junior Werewolf
– Holder of the protective amulet
– Select leader
– Damn person

Download Werewolf Pro APK Version 2.7.2

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