Download X Launcher Prime | Stylish OS Theme Phone X Max APK Current Version 1.1.1

X Launcher Prime | Stylish OS Theme Phone X Max APK Current Version 1.1.1
Download X Launcher Prime | Stylish OS Theme Phone X Max APK Current Version 1.1.1 Inspired by OS 12, the best phone launcher-X Launcher Prime is now available!

X Launcher Prime is the best operating system launcher available for your Android device. It is an operating system launcher that gives you the ultimate Phone X launcher Prime experience – simple, stylish, modern and powerful! X launcher Prime brings the best features of the Retina Launcher and Android Pie to your device.

Featured features include:

  • 🎯Best OS 12 Control Center
    Make your phone look just like a phone X! Inside X Launcher Prime, there is an OS 11 control center that always works. When you play or open another application, you can always configure the control panel to configure your music player, WIFI, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, camera, flashlight, etc. Solid and compliant performance will benefit you! So easy to organize your screens alive.
  • ✨ Customize HD wallpapers, themes and live elements, all in X Launcher Prime!
  • 🚩Wallpapers: Thousands of well-selected live wallpapers, 3D wallpapers and home screen theme wallpapers in many categories.
  • 🚩 Themes – selected stylish themes for Android users for free that were designed by our designers.
  • 🚩 Fantastic cool 3D change effects and live wallpaper

Just press the blank area on the desktop, you can find magic effects. We have many fantastic cool 3D change effects. Pick one of your favorites to experience it.

  • 🚫Ad-free: We remove annoying ads, there will be no accidental disturbance, and you can immerse yourself in the outstanding features of X Launcher Prime.
  • 🌅 Local weather and forecast

Know the climate of your city conveniently. The weather for this week and the next is displayed on the desktop. You can see the weather information you need without realizing it. Of course, you can change the city and the position of the widget, it is very convenient!

💫Manage home screen:
– Icon Badges: For unread message, lovely icon badges will show unanswered phone call numbers, unread messages for all apps. Turn on icon badges tips in settings, you can open your Facebook, Twitter and other social software notifications, you won’t miss any of this information! You can get an excellent experience in the notification system of X Launcher Prime.
– Smart Folder & Screen Manager – Easy to organize home screen
– Widgets: Easily access system and launcher tools

🔐 Hide apps
Hide important apps from the home screen. It is a very sophisticated approach to opening and hiding your applications. Only two fingers can enlarge the gestures to open these functions. Also, you can set your own password as a passkey. We can ensure your application is safely hidden here!

🚀 Quikbar:

frequently accessed applications
Your frequently accessed application can be found quickly. You can open all applications via the drop-down menu, which will display your recently used applications, or you can customize the search bar with shortcuts and applications of your choice.

Dynamic effects for 3D touch, Junk Cleaner and more useful tools can be seen in the near future! Stay tuned! If you’re a fan of startup apps, try the OS launcher. The best phone launcher with many 3D themes is waiting for you! And the startup phone will be one of the best startup apps.

If you like X launcher Prime, please rate it on Google Play. Thank you!

Download X Launcher Prime | Stylish OS Theme Phone X Max APK Current Version 1.1.1


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