Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge APK v1.82 MOD (Immortality / Weak Enemies)

Download Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge APK v1.82 MOD (Immortality / Weak Enemies)

Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge – Dragon is a legendary creature, and no one knows if it exists or not, but many dragon games have been released. But among many of those games, most of them involve taking care of the dragons. But with the Dragon Epic game, players will experience a completely different feeling; something that players have never seen anywhere. This game is a combination of dragons and flight shooting game genre to give players more novel experience.

Vikings are a race that has appeared on earth a long time ago, they are the main warriors, and dragons accompany their appearance. This game takes place in the world of the Vikings, located in the dragon valley called Dragonia, where dragons live. The dragons that live here are getting stronger and stronger, and they lived with humans a long time ago. But one day, a disaster struck Dragonia, evil enemies with the power of darkness have come to invade Dragonia. So what will happen to this world?

Only in the version for 64-bit devices: immortality and weak enemies.
Only in the mod menu version: After starting the game, click the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the ability to enable immortality and weak enemies.

Download Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge APK Mod Immortality

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