DRAGON QUEST APK Current Version 1.0.9

DRAGON QUEST APK Current Version 1.0.9

Download DRAGON QUEST APK Current Version 1.0.9

The game that started the DRAGON QUEST legend is finally coming to mobile devices!

Discover the role-playing game that has won the hearts of two generations!

Enter a fantastic world of swords, magic and monsters with a unique package!

Once the package is downloaded, you won’t have to buy or download anything else.

The game text is only available in English.


The peace of the kingdom of Alefgard has come to an end after the appearance of an evil lord of darkness known as Dragonlord, who has stolen the sphere of light that until now had kept the forces of evil at bay. Now you, a young warrior through whose veins the blood of the legendary hero Erdrick flows, will have to embark on a mission to defeat Dragonlord and save the kingdom from darkness.


The first title in a legendary series

Now you can enjoy the classic role-playing game that captivated millions of players in Japan in the 1980s … and continues to fascinate the entire world!

In this game also known as Dragon Warrior, you will take on the role of the legendary hero Erdrick to embark on a unique journey through the ancient kingdom of Alefgard, where you will have to face imposing enemies and intricate puzzles on your way to the fearsome Dragonlord’s lair.

Simple and intuitive controls

The game controls have been adapted to work seamlessly with the vertical design of modern mobile devices. Also, the position of the steering knob can be changed to play using one or two hands.

Enjoy a legendary role-playing game with millions of followers in Japan and around the world, the work of an inimitable trio: the famous creator Yuji Horii, the revolutionary composer Koichi Sugiyama and the renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball).

Android: compatible devices and operating systems

Devices with Android OS version 2.3 or higher.


If ART is activated on Android 4.4 devices, the application may have problems when starting (ART is deactivated by default)

 Download DRAGON QUEST APK Current Version 1.0.9

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