DRAGON QUEST VIII APK Current Version 1.2.0

DRAGON QUEST VIII APK Current Version 1.2.0

DRAGON QUEST VIII APK Current Version 1.2.0

Download DRAGON QUEST VIII APK Current Version 1.2.0

Now it’s easier to enjoy the eighth installment of the legendary DRAGON QUEST series!

The wildly popular DRAGON QUEST VIII has sold 4.9 million units worldwide and is now coming to Android for the first time!

This was the first title in the 3D series and features a highly detailed and totally worth seeing world.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Yangus, a bandit with a heart of gold, Jessica, a brazen aristocratic sorceress, and Angelo, a knight and donjuán.

Enter a fantastic world of swords, magic and monsters with a unique package!

Once the application is downloaded, you can enjoy all the content without having to pay anything else.

Get ready to play the epic DRAGON QUEST VIII from start to finish!


Legends speak of an ancient scepter that contains a fearsome power …

One day a perfidious wizard awakes the dormant magic of the scepter from its torpor, unleashing a curse on the entire kingdom and forcing a young soldier to embark on an unforgettable journey …


  • – Simple and accessible controls.

The controls have been updated to perfectly match modern touch interfaces.

The position of the steering wheel can be freely adjusted, allowing players to toggle between using one or two hands at the touch of a button.

The combat system has also been modified, now allowing one-touch battles and more complex functions.

  • – The tension system

During combat you can select “Psyche Up” to enhance your next attack!

The more you use this option, the more the character’s tension level will increase, which will finally reach a demented state known as “high tension”.

– Skill points

When your characters level up you will get points that you can assign to different skills to learn new spells and abilities.

With this system you can configure your equipment as you see fit.

– Monster teams

Some of the monsters you meet around the world can join your monster team, but first you have to defeat them, of course!

Once assembled, your invincible team will be able to participate in fierce tournaments in the monster arena or even come to your aid in combat!

– The alchemy pot

Combine the objects you have to create completely new ones!

The objects you least expect could be the necessary ingredients to obtain something extraordinary.

Search the recipes that are hidden by the world to prepare something truly special!

Enjoy a legendary role-playing game with millions of followers in Japan and around the world, the work of an inimitable trio: the famous creator Yuji Horii, the revolutionary composer Koichi Sugiyama and the renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball).

Download DRAGON QUEST VIII APK Current Version 1.2.0

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