Forgotten Memories APK – Current Version 1.0.8

Forgotten Memories APK – Current Version 1.0.8

Download Forgotten Memories APK – Current Version 1.0.8 In Forgotten Memories, you will play with Rose Hawkins, an inspector from the juvenile brigade in search of a missing girl named Eden.

The game begins when Rose wakes up wounded in a strange place that she does not recognize. Walking through the corridors of an old abandoned asylum to rescue a lost soul, she will end up trapped in a tragedy that repeats itself over and over again, suspended in time. Rose will have to face her deepest fears to unravel the mystery behind this terrifying investigation.


  • Forgotten Memories is a third-person psychological Survival Horror that combines exploration, reflection, puzzles, action and survival where gameplay focuses on fear mechanics.
  • A true spiritual successor to the best horror games of the 90s. Forgotten Memories is a classic survival horror.


Discover a true gaming experience.

Forgotten Memories cleverly combines a subtle setting, detailed graphic environments, and rich and demanding gameplay in the service of a unique horror experience.

Features Description

  • Survival horror with classic mechanics
  • A deep narrative with a climate of psychological terror
  • An exceptional graphic realization
  • Precise touch controls
  • No IAP micropayment. We do not sell any weapons, ammunition, or anything that may affect the gaming experience. You will be on your own;)

Download Forgotten Memories APK – Current Version 1.0.8

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