Forvo Pronunciation Guide APK – Current Version 1.8.1

Forvo Pronunciation Guide APK – Current Version 1.8.1

Download Forvo Pronunciation Guide APK – Current Version 1.8.1

Improve your pronunciation with Forvo! Forvo, the Pronunciation Guide that allows you to listen, learn and record pronunciations in more than 340 languages.

Our editors around the world generate the pronunciations you need to hear.


  • * Search for words and listen to the pronunciations of native speakers.
  • * More than 4 million pronunciations available.
  • * Compare different accents of the same word in the same language.
  • * Listen to male or female voices.
  • * Keep a record of the pronunciations you have heard.
  • * It works with your account.
  • * Record pronunciations in your native language and help students.
  • * Learn to pronounce correctly in more than 340 languages
  • * English pronunciations, French pronunciations, German pronunciations, Mandarin Chinese pronunciations, Simplified Chinese pronunciations, Spanish pronunciations and many more.

What can you find in Forvo? What are its main characteristics and features that make it unique?

With Forvo you can search for words and listen to their most real pronunciations since they are made by native speakers. And not only of those more spoken languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Japanese or Italian. Also of other less popular like the Romanian, the Greek, the Ukrainian, the Bulgarian or the Czech. Even of those local languages ​​like Basque, Catalan or Galician.

But if there is something that distinguishes Forvo, it is its commitment to gathering the pronunciations of each and every one of the languages ​​that have been and will be. For many it may be unknown or sound strange, but thanks to this pronunciation guide you can now also hear and memorize words from Camulco, Cambodian, Guaraní, Hausa, Gileki, Dagbani, and many more.

In addition, the platform allows you to compare the different accents of the same word in the same language. And with the guarantee that you are listening to what you really need. Forvo assures you the quality of its audios with pronunciations made by natives. You will be able to hear those words in a female or male voice. Forvo adapts to you and your needs. So that not a single detail escapes you!

Enjoy the over 4 million pronunciations available in Forvo and learn how to pronounce them correctly in more than 340 languages. Surprise your friends and family and help your classmates learn by recording pronunciations in your native language.

Do you want to know how it works? Use your personal account and access this entire linguistic world online. Keep a record of the pronunciations you have heard and store them so that you can access them in the fastest and most comfortable way. Choose your main language to speed up pronunciations. Create your own list of favorite pronunciations and keep track of added words. Interact with other users by voting and commenting on their pronunciations. You see, Forvo gives you a thousand and one options for you to have fun learning.

Discover the different categories by which you can find the pronunciation you are looking for. Remember, Forvo gives you the opportunity to learn all possible pronunciations: pronunciations in English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and more. All languages ​​you can imagine!

Enjoy the convenience of learning online, without the need to search specific dictionaries and knowing exactly how the term is pronounced. A dictionary gives you the meaning and the phonetic transcription of the word, but never pronounces it. For this reason, trust Forvo, your linguistic and cultural platform

Download Forvo Pronunciation Guide APK – Current Version 1.8.1

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