Garena Free Fire v1.47.0 APK Mod (Diamonds / False IMEI)

Download Garena Free Fire v1.47.0 APK Mod (Diamonds / False IMEI)

Garena Free Fire – If you are looking for a game that has the style of Playerunknown’s battlefields to play on your phone, Garena Free Fire APK HACK is a game not to be missed. The gaming community around the world judged this to be the version of the Playerunknown Battlegrounds for the phone, although it is true that Free Fire Hacked cannot be compared to the Playerunknown Battlegrounds, the 111dots Studio survival game gives the players an unexpected experience.

Easy booyah
Ghost mode
Shot in the head
Travel and shoot in the water
No Grass / Less Grass
No fog
Can Run After High Jump
Add Damage AR 20%
Add Damage Shootgun x2
Improve the target accurately
Improve target assist
Easy Look Enemy In The Grass
Less damage taken
Out of range precision
No root

Installation steps:

Have Free fire installed
Install GameGuardian and create a Free Fire application in parallel with App Cloner Premium
Open GameGuardian, then open Free Fire in App Cloner to make GameGuardian work
Download the LUA script and run it. (Video-tutorial)
Increased firing range
Aim Assist
Big body
Night mode
white body
IMEI faker (Create a new IMEI automatically /sdcard/PLATINMODS.COM/platinmods_FreeFire_IMEI.txt)
How to undo the IMEI:
To reduce the possibility of prohibition, you can use the hostfile application while playing that we provide in the download of Call of Duty.
If you were kicked out, you can easily undo your IMEI with our built-in IMEI counterfeiter:
– At the first start of the game, it will generate a platinmods_FreeFire_IMEI.txt in /sdcard/PLATINMODS.COM.
– In this file you will find a 15 digit number, that is your false IMEI.
– If banned, simply change this number to another 15-digit random number.
– Create a new account and enjoy =)
How to enable the necessary permissions:
Only required on Android 6+.
Open the application information for Free Fire.
Go to permissions, enable: Storage.
Go to advanced and activate the overlay / draw permission on other applications.
-> The overlay permission can be located and named differently in each brand.


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