Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG APK Current Version 2.1.9

Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG APK Current Version 2.1.9

Download Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG APK Current Version 2.1.9

Pandora’s Box has opened – it’s up to you, the best summoner, to save the world in Heroes Legend – an amazing combination of the best RPG and MOBA with action game elements! Dozens of heroes with unique abilities and personalities are on your side. It will take a true master of tactics to form a team that overcomes all obstacles, defeats powerful bosses, and reaches the grand finale to shape the destiny of this world!

Featuring meticulously crafted heroes and monsters coupled with humorous fighting skills and actions, Heroes Legend is an RPG with incredible design content that will entertain and delight you. Heroes Legend is more than a fighting and strategy game, it is a game fit for a champion!

Not only will you be able to satisfy your demand, this Premium package will also satisfy your budget when you can obtain enormous benefits:

  • instantly become a VIP member
  • Get SwordMaster Hero FREE
  •  300,000 Gold Bonus + 300 Diamonds
  • Start with Lion Heart and Thale 3 stars
  • ⚠ The game data in this version is different from the free version (Heroes Legend – Idle Battle War)


 Heroes Grow Strategy 

More than 60 heroes in different factions with specific abilities. Summon your Warriors of Legend, ENTRY them to become powerful heroes, or turn them into Spirit gear to EVOLVE. Forge magic gears and dress up your warriors for victory!

Each hero comes with a set of unique stats and abilities that greatly affect the way your plan and your plan!

TONS of content 

With abundant battlefields and abundant dungeons, heroic battle missions, mysterious towers, great fun to enjoy!

interactive team game!

Say no to a single game. Fight alongside other players as you take on BOSS, with simple control, touch Hero’s face and unleash the ability in time to save your team.

World Arena 

Expose your best heroes, the war in the SAND BATTLE, fight head to head against other players in the PVP duels! Climb the leaderboard for the best rewards! and become the warrior of legend.

 Season events

There are a ton of events that always open in-game, and upcoming events follow the season, on the battlefield, they achieve a new Legendary Hero, a new Warrior, and an item to upgrade their gear.

And … Dozens of beauties waiting to be unlocked can help you campaign!

KEEP IN MIND! Heroes Legend is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

A network connection is required to play Heroes Legend.

Download Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG APK Current Version 2.1.9

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